Corporate backscratch (with added greenwash)

Evening Post Business Awards

Well, well, well … Who’s this sponsoring the Evening Cancer Business Awards 2008 then?

Why knock me down with 10,000 tons of high strength concrete if it isn’t Atkins, the multinational civil engineering outfit (Blogger passim) who’ve recently received a multi-million pound contract to wreck the Bristol to Bath Railway Path and some of our local communities!

What an extraordinary coincidence this all is. A large company handing over cash sums to our local newspaper to get their logo plastered everywhere just as they are about to embark on a highly controversial project. Who’d of ever thought it?

And obviously any positive editorial coverage the company’s dodgy project receives from our ruthlessly independent local newspaper would be equally coincidental wouldn’t it? No doubt such coverage is judged entirely by the very highest of editorial standards by local journalists of the highest integrity. The mere idea of some grubby “cash for positive coverage” deal is ridiculous isn’t it?

In another especially nice little touch, Atkins are even sponsoring a special award. What for? Sustainability of course!

And to complete the cosy little corporate love-in feel of the venture, joining Atkins and Cancer owners, Northcliffe, as sponsors are none other than our old corporate-friendly quangocrats at the SWRDA.

Remember you read it here first.

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3 Responses to Corporate backscratch (with added greenwash)

  1. Me says:

    Apparently we’ve now become “a very vocal minority”, right on cue …

    Current count: 7,769 signatures on the council website and more than 200 taking the time to make intelligent comments on the BBC site. How’s that a minority? Fucking hell the Post is just a fuck up of a paper, isn’t it?

  2. Mike Hope says:

    Cancer editor News Bunny Norton must feel like a right wank given the almost unanimous public opposition to this crackpot scheme.

    No-one in their right mind will support it which probably explains why News Bunny is.

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