Bristol Labour Party's exciting new policy unveiled

Fingers crossed Having already reneged on their election promise not to privatise Bristol’s home care service any further by introducing measures that will see 75% of the home care service delivered privately, now Bristol Labour unveil phase 2 of their exciting plans for home care.

The hourly cost of the council’s in-house service is currently £31 an hour as opposed to the private sector’s £15 an hour. And unfortunately for Labour they’ve promised their union backers they’ll not make any council home care workers redundant. This means they’ve got to cut the cost of employing the council home care workers drastically or run up a huge and unsustainable overspend that we, the council tax payer, will have to pay for.

Jeff Lovell, Peter Hammond’s right wing (surely hand? Ed.) man and Labour’s Assistant Executive member for Adult Community Care who chaired
the home care stakeholder working party that’s devised this home care house of cards was recently asked how he intended to achieve these cuts in costs.

“We’ll have to cross our fingers,” came Lovell’s brilliant reply.

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  1. Arithmetical Annie says:

    Never mind the cost per hour, the middle aged matriarch’s from Hartcliffe have still got their jobs as Care Assistants.

    Did you not read your archive? The issue is not about care for the elderly and housebound. Labour owes its 2 seat net gain in this years elections to the T&G’s money which got behind ‘save our jobs’ camnpaign by home care staff. It even freaked Bunter Eddy so much he and his Tory chums voted Labour back into power.

    Jeff Lovell has relatives in the Home Care service, what do you think he wants – a quiet life from the family that’s what!

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