Parking news

The Lord Mayor parking at the Chapel

Within just days of the Labour-run administration raising parking charges to ten pounds a day and threatening inner-city residents with a costly Controlled Parking Zone we are given a nice little insight into a Labour councillor’s personal ‘Christian’ approach to parking issues.

The illegally parked vehicle pictured belongs to idle hypocrite and Labour Lord Mayor Royston Griffey. It’s waiting for him outside the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, just yards from parking spaces at the Council House.

Welcome to Christian values Bristol Labour style – “you do what you’re told and we’ll do what we like”.

Hat tip: James Barlow

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3 Responses to Parking news

  1. bristolian youff says:

    if i walked passed here on my way home from work i am pretty sure i would have destroyed this pile of opulance.

  2. the bishop of bishopsworth says:

    he’s a smarmy slimeball to boot

  3. Gill says:

    Probably stopped off for a quick sniffter in Java! Likes his pop….

    Word on the street is that the Arena plans in the shi* at the mo, by the way.

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