No pressing concern?

The Arena bellyflop found Cancer editor Mike Norton sharpening his crayons yesterday afternoon and attempting to deliver a thunderous editorial on the matter. Here’s a bit of it:

So who is going to be called to account for this fiasco? Why is it that other cities like Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff can fund and build arenas and we can’t?

Why couldn’t an operator be found? Was it just the wrong site? If so, who was responsible for selecting it?

What are you asking us for Mike? Isn’t it your job to bloody well tell us these things?

Indeed had the Cancer bothered to ask a few more questions, do a little more legwork and actually dig around the subject – rather than slavishly publish increasingly ludicrous and unbelievable crap copied off arena-related press releases – there’s a chance the city might have got a better result.

But then, like just about every other lazy-arsed senior manager in this backward city, I suppose doing your job properly is too much like hard work when you can just rest on your laurels and your monopoly provider status blaming everybody else instead.

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