Labour funding: it's getting very personal!

Any hopes that the Labour government might get a day off and a chance to regroup today were destroyed when the increasingly disgruntled dodgy donor, David Abrahams, took to the pages The Guardian to give his side of the story.

Abrahams has also now claimed that Brown’s personal fundraiser, Jon Mendelsohn, was told about his third party donor arrangements at a dinner of the Board of Deputies of British Jews on 25 April.

This is being hotly denied by Mendelsohn, who earlier in the week denied having any knowledge of Abrahams’ donations at all before admitting he had indeed known about them since September after Abrahams read out his correspondence from Mendelsohn to Jeremy Paxman live on Newsnight!

Under pressure Mendelsohn has also failed, so far, to serve a promised libel writ on the Evening Standard, which made allegations on Wednesday that Mendelsohn knew what was going on far earlier than September.

Elsewhere, a close associate of Abrahams, Eric Moonman appeared on Sky News last night to defend his friend. Demonstrating how personal all this could get, he told viewers – for some reason – that some very ambitious politicians of “a certain sexual orientation” get themselves wives, and pose as happily married men to help them to achieve their political ambitions.

Who could he be referring to?

Anyway, it’s the Sunday papers tomorrow . . . Ho, ho, ho.

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