Banksy Balls at the Arnolfini

Banksy - Blank Walls are Criminal

Trudging home on a windswept Thursday night past the Arnolfini, the sight of a table full of free red wine in the book shop was enough to pull The Blogger in to grab a ten quid copy of Home Sweet Home.

Once in – three glasses of red in hand and hemmed silently in the corner of the tiny shop by at least fifty members of Bristol’s chattering classes – it struck The Blogger that this was an ideal shoplifting opportunity . . .

So you’ll be glad to know that here at Blogger HQ we are now the proud owners of a lovely pristine copy of Space and Social Theory: Interpreting Modernity and Postmodernity.

The only problem is no-one here can understand a fucking word of it. Neither can we find anyone to buy it so it might as well be put back on Monday.

You’ve got to admire the gallery’s anti-theft measures though: fill the place with such a load of incomprehensible shite it’s beyond worthless.

Look out for that EXCLUSIVE Home Sweet Home review in tomorrow’s Bristol Blogger Review (available by about Tuesday).

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  1. old misery guts says:

    I’ll give you a quid for it

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