The new pain in the backside

Christmas, it seems, has come early for Jan Ormondroyd.

Although she might sound like something very painful up your backside that you should urgently consult a doctor about, she’s actually been appointed the city’s new Chief Executive on a bumper £180k a year!

Jan, whose CV demonstrates a total lack of any knowledge whatsoever of Bristol, is yet another typically ruthlessly ambitious career civil servant off the conveyor belt who’s spent most of her career in, er, Bradford and became a Chief Exec in Suffolk for a few months before fucking off to John Prescott’s rotten borough, Hull, for more money and prestige.

She’s also worked for Prescott’s completely dysfunctional Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) as some sort of consultant doing something incomprehensibly weird and bureaucratic that appears to have enhanced her already lucrative career no end.

Given the extensive background in Prescottism, expect a massively expanded and expensive Chief Exec’s Department obssessed with PR and employing a dizzying revolving door of consultants doing things about “performance management” through “target indicators”. Oh – and don’t be surprised if everything that’s not nailed down is privatised.

So far The Blogger’s discovered no skeleton in the cupboard – or should that be hole in the ground? – to match Pigfucker Gurney’s Portsmouth fiascoes but the search is on…

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  1. Archie says:

    another bureaucrat on the Bristol Gravy Train, like the trains in the area they seem to be full!

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