2008: Year of the comic book city

With just two weeks until the frenzy begins, news finally begins to leak out about the city council/Business West £70k a year cultural wallah Andrew Kelly’s grand vision for 2008 – our “city of culture” year.

But first let’s reappraise ourselves of what we were promised by Kelly, 100 per cent backed by a Labour administration, back in 2002:

By 2008 Bristol will have changed as much again as it has changed in the past decade. Bristol’s cultural infrastructure, redeveloped over 20 years, will be the envy of most cities – renewed arts organisations, new concert hall, an arena, a new Museum of Bristol, and new swimming pools – will be just some of the facilities available for the 2008 resident and tourist.

On the surface it doesn’t look hopeful does it? It’s unlikely many cities out there are really envying our cultural infrastructure currently tailspinning into disaster. Meanwhile there’s no sign of a new concert hall – just an overpriced and overrated £18m new Colston Hall foyer replacing one of Bristol’s landmark buildings instead; the arena was cancelled this week; the Museum of Bristol is an over budget farce lacking a serious business plan and more swimming pools have been closed or are under threat than have been opened.

So in the face of this maelstrom of disasters what’s Kelly’s big plan? A new website – Bristol Reads – gives us a clue:

Yes folks after all the high falutin’ talk, vacuous promises and cash expended, what we’re actually getting off Kelly and the council is a crappy fucking comic. Well done.

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4 Responses to 2008: Year of the comic book city

  1. Gilbert Shelton says:

    I see the comic is “aimed at a readership of around 10 to 110”. What a waste of time and effort it that’s all the numbers they’re expecting 😉

  2. Ebenezer Scrooge says:

    Ahhh – Christmas, the time of good will to all men and office parties to all staff.

    Rumours abound that during last year’s round of council officers’ seasonal jamborees, the anti-social team party proved somewhat eventful.

    They ended up being kicked out of a local hostelry due to their….err…..anti-social behaviour.

    This year’s hot debate in the corridors of power is how much time can be “blagged” for extended lunch hours that start getting close to being more like half a day in duration.

    Working on the premise that pub happy hours often mean two or three times that period, some senior managers are “signing off” three hour lunch breaks as only one hour – thereby robbing Bristol’s council tax payers of two hours work – not that they’d notice.

    My quill pen and parchment scribbles have worked out that for every 20 council workers having Xmas lunches, they could be gifted two hours each, equating to more than a working week in these modern times.

    How many people work for the council? How many had long lunches to celebrate the festive season? How many hours are not accurately accounted for at the direction of senior managers?

    It’s not as if it was their money that’s being given away……

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  4. Bristol Bugger says:

    You sir are a fucking cuntwipe of the first order.

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