If Muhammad won't come to the mountain…

Malik's Audi

Drive him there in the Audi A5 and park up on double yellow lines!

News reaches The Bristol Blogger that Easton Lib Dem councillor and self-styled spokesman for Bristol’s ‘muslim community’, Abdul Malik, thinks he’s now above the law and parks his executive vehicles wherever he feels like in his ward.

This snap was taken by a local resident on St Marks Road, Easton whilst Malik attended a ‘Stapleton Road Action Plan’ meeting – to improve the area! – nearby. Very nearby in fact… Just 5 minutes walk from the lazy twat’s house!

Hat tip: Bristol Indymedia

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3 Responses to If Muhammad won't come to the mountain…

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  2. Rosso Verde says:

    Nice to see Lib Dem’s environmentaly friendly transport! 😉

  3. Eastonite says:

    Even better – when questioned an Obergruppenfuhrer from Neighbourhood Surveillance and Control Easton reported that the vehicle is “necessary for driving to and from the airport.”

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