World Cup bid manager can’t add up!

Bid Overview for Host Cities by bristol_citizen on Scribd

Serial money wasting buffoon, Stephen Wray, the unemployable idiot the Lib Dems put in charge of our World Cup bid can’t add up.

His bizarre press release sent out at the dead of night on Friday clearly says:

Costs to the city of approximately £17 million include an estimated £8 million to pay for temporary additional stadium seating (to increase seating up to 40,000 for World Cup matches), £2 million for transport costs, £2 million for marketing, and £2 million project management, including legal and financial advice in the lead up to the competition.

But this is wrong. According to the World Cup 2018 UK bid overview document for host cities published by the FA, the basic cost to a host city is around £15m (see for yourself it’s on page 30 above).

So if we’re also forking out an extra £8m for seating, not included in the FA’s figures, that makes a total of £23m!


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  1. conker2009 says:

    This world cup crap will end up like all big projects such as the Olympics, Millenium Dome and other grand white elephant projects. Just wait to see what happens with the Olympics in 2012. It will result in us the taxpayer picking up the bill for their wild and over optimistic projections !

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