Democracy suspended by council officers so they can write blank cheque for World Cup

Yes you read that correctly.

It’s totally unprecedented but normal democratic procedures at the council have been suspended on the personal orders of unelected Chief Exec Jan Ormondroyd and unelected Wig-Wearer-in-Chief Stephen McNamara in order to force through the city’s bid to host World Cup games in 2018.

The council is currently claiming that hosting the World Cup will cost around £17m. But in reality they have no idea and by agreeing to host the games they’re putting our money at the mercy of FIFA who will simply impose any conditions they like and expect us to pick up the tab.

The Blogger reckons that hosting these World Cup games will cost us – at a conservative estimate – at least three times the Mickey Mouse estimate of £17m claimed by Ormondroyd and her bureaucratic cadre on Friday.

Believe me, this World Cup crap has the potential to make the Bath Spa debacle look like a small mishap with your credit card over Christmas.

There’s further information and discussion about this latest development over on Charlie’s blog.

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6 Responses to Democracy suspended by council officers so they can write blank cheque for World Cup

  1. conker2009 says:

    I agree, I hate fuckin’ foot ball hooligan TWATS ! You forgot too add that the council numpties agreed to build on a flood plain ! I can only hope that the hooligans that will be attratced to this dump of a city of ours like a sea gull to a brown bin will drown on the pitch ! Fucking’ curse these council numpties, please LORD !

  2. Martyn says:

    …does that £17m includes the artificially high contractor’s fees?

  3. Can’t work out from your blog where democracy has been suspended, jon Rogers is saying this is a cabinet decision

  4. Seebag says:

    Democracy? Accountability? Responsibility? Value for money? Feasibility? Custodian of public money?
    Sorry – all totally alien concepts to the Droyd

  5. Read debate on Charlie Bolton’s Blog now. Interesting but not a suspension of democracy basically means that the executive have the first and final say. The Executive represents a majority of the Council so its decision is deomcratic and accountability lies with the electorate.

    Has anyone mentioned World Student games – Sheffield?

  6. Matt says:

    This is great news for the hard up contractors and Merchant Ventures in Bristol. Its about time BCC got behind these poor innocent people. The recession has bitten hard and I have heard rumors that some have been forced to lay off butlers and maids.

    Its about time that BCC gave these hard working men and women a break, the public have no idea how much effort is required to get a councilors to “influence” their votes (would sell be too strong a word?). Not to mention the media, those expensive lunches are a real grind not to mention having to take time out of your day to get your driver to take you to see your private doctor and check those cloistral levels.

    The Executives blind backing based solely on the say so of a few Rich people in Bristol and their way to “legalize” it is an achievement we should all be proud of and I for one think its about time!

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