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It’s been a good week locally for mentalist blog posts. The Blogger’s own balloon dueling effort rather pales into insignificance alongside the Green Bristol Blogger’sTHREE DIE IN BANKSY QUEUE‘ extravaganza today and Charlie’s fascinating insight that if you were to lay Bristol’s wheelie bins end-to-end they’d reach Reading.

However, step forward former Lib Dem councillor Emma Bagley who’s post on football (surely footie? Ed.) maybe takes blogging to a new place entirely:

“It seems we are through to the world cup! First I knew was this evening when capello was being interviewed. They kept that one quite quiet (they did? Ed.) But then I’m not one for much football. I take the occassional [sic] peak [sic] if it is the [sic] England matches. I see that Bristol is biding [sic] to be one of the venues for our bid for 2010 [sic]. Nice one! Let’s not let it all go to the Liverpool and Manchester’s [sic] of this life (Eh? Ed.). It may enthuse me to take more of an interest in the game.”

I’m certainly enthused that the city’s World Cup bid is inspiring our political class to such wondrous prose. More please.

On a similar subject, that congenital idiot Wray was in the paper today rambling about “cultural hubs”; ‘footie’ being “important” and promising to turn Ashton Court into the South of France.

Very quiet about his “the World Cup is going to make us one hundred million quid” claim, mind. Changed your mind Stephen? And where’s this Price Waterhouse Cooper report we were promised by mid-August to back up your nonsensical claims?

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3 Responses to Blog of the week

  1. chris hutt says:

    I thought for a moment that Charlie’s blog post must be a rather clever parody of my own, but he posted two hours before me. Just a case of mediocre minds thinking alike then?

  2. Ella says:

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Chris.

    Anyway in response to the entire quoted section: hahahaha.

  3. Crafty Dafty says:

    Emma’s always good value

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