CONsultation of the week: Ladies and gentleman Tescos and Bristol City FC are floating in space

Here’s a sample of the Bristol City FC/Tesco CONsultation that took place at Ashton Gate this weekend about building a supermarket on the site. The full document is below.

Further comment seems superfluous …

Here’s the full document:

Bristol City – Tesco by bristol_citizen on Scribd

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3 Responses to CONsultation of the week: Ladies and gentleman Tescos and Bristol City FC are floating in space

  1. dave angel says:

    Not entirely true on the dedicated South West local sourcing officer. Tesco USED to have a dedicated South West regional sourcing officer, however after a restructure and round of redundancies, Tesco now have a dedicated Southern regional sourcing office.

    This region covers Kent in the east, Cornwall in the west and about as far north as South Worcestershire.

    So if your definition of regional sourcing is a 200 mile radius of Bristol, then yes Tesco sources regionally. However I am not sure this is a small enough area to placate the fundamentalist ‘buy local’ brigade of North Street.

  2. Tony says:

    The event on Firday and Saturday was a masterclass in spin by Trimedia one of the UKs big PR agencies. Not to mention the arrogance of being told that I want this superstore and it would be good for me and my community!

    The feedback form didn’t have a ‘yes or no’ question for ‘do I want a Tesco superstore’ only one saying ‘do I support a new ground for City’.

    Happy for City to have a new ground but not by wrecking the great community in Ashton/Southville.

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