"We need to sort Parliament out"

Says Bristol East MP, Kerry McCarthy.

Well, I’ll source the detonators if someone else gets hold of the explosives …

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19 Responses to "We need to sort Parliament out"

  1. Jozer says:

    She is a perfect example of what’s wrong. Parachuted into a safe-seat consituency she had no personal connection with, to faithfully serve the social-democrat clique that has hijacked the Labour Party. Part of the professional political class who have far more in common with each other than the people they claim to represent.

  2. paul smith says:

    To be fair no local candidates put themselves forward – and several were approached – also I know that Kerry was not the prefered candidate of Labour HQ

  3. Get out says:

    It’s unfortunate when the party that has had an iron grip on Parliament for over a decade starts saying “we need to sort Parliament out”. If MPs like Kerry had been converts on day 1 of their new term, Parliament might be changed already. Instead she voted against external audit of allowances just months ago! (Although, credit to her for accepting on her blog: “when I voted against external audit of our allowances last year, I was patently obviously wrong.”)

    The annoying thing is that this obviously belated U-turn by the Labour party has allowed Eton-boy Cameron, of all people, to grab that mantra of taking on the system.

    If you had said in 1996 when Cameron was a spotty, privileged, posh geek working for Norman Lamont that he was more likely to take on the Westminster establishment than Gordon Brown, even Tory voters would have fallen about laughing.

    Nobody’s laughing now though, are they?

  4. Bristol Dave says:

    I quite fancy this:


    Dress code: Guy Fawkes, the only man ever to enter Parliament with honourable intentions

    Too true.

  5. Dona Qixota says:

    “enter Parliament with honourable intentions” … Michael Martin “decent” hahahahaha


    About as decent as my dog. Glad he’s gone – so long as it’s not going to take the heat off the rest of them.

  6. Dona Qixota says:

    Who needs these people anyway?

    Someone with the suspiciously Protestant name (Google tells me) of Melanchthon, is putting some useful ideas and suggestions. Some interesting comments too. I especially liked this one from Cleethorpes Rock:

    “MPs do too much and have too much time on their hands. That’s why they spend most of their time picking fights with their local councils over trivial issues, dealing with fantasists and weirdos at their surgeries, chasing up benefit claims and generally whoring themselves around TV studios when they’re not being cattle-prodded through the lobbies.

    In fact, when people criticise MPs for their long holidays, I’m pleased they’re not sat around Westminster thinking of new ways to boss us around!”


  7. Holly says:

    Saying “sorry” is not good enough, especially when it’s other people’s money. Bunch of fucking thieves, using beaurocracy as a smokescreen for their own benefit!

  8. Rosso Verde says:

    A plug for Glenn Vowles’s “Recall” idea:


    MP’s (or councillors) who are inept or corrupt should be subject to recall by their constituents.

    MP’s should only take the average wage (as a personal income) for their constituency so they have some idea how “ordinary” people live outside the Westminster bubble – this has been done before. They should have funding for a modest office and decently paid staff (same rate as MP’s) and no allowance for Hob Nobs, moat cleaning or porno films!

  9. Dona Qixota says:

    As someone said on Guido yesterday: “if they can do it in Iceland, we can do it here.” Apparently Icelanders have cleared out much of their political class, and replaced them. Time will tell whether the newbies can do a better job, I guess.

    Apart from all the other cool things about it, Iceland of course is the country which, with the Isle of Man (!) has pride of claim to birthing the oldest parliament in the world, I believe.


    Blogging the Icelandic revolution …

  10. Jozer says:

    “To be fair no local candidates put themselves forward…”

    What do you think that says about where the Labour Party has gone in the last 20 years.

  11. paul smith says:


    What is your theory?

  12. Pete says:

    We get the Poison Dwarf New Labourite lobby fodder parachuted into East Bristol….

  13. Pete says:

    McCarthy is ultimate New Labour stooge

  14. Debs says:

    So It emerges that Dawn Primarolo flipped, and maxed out her claims year after year (check out the ‘They Work for YOU’)

    She’s joint 1st in many categories for claims.

    Has any apology been proffered or is Dawn mimicking her patron Mcavity?

  15. Dona Qixota says:

    “Has any apology been proffered” ?

    These “apologies” from troughers are nothing more than apologies for being caught. They’re transparently hypocritical and just make the politicians even more hated … roll on the “apologies” … and soon roll those heads …

  16. Hopeness says:

    Jon Stewart’s nailed it : SCAMALOT.

  17. Keren says:

    So, this second bed McCarthy claimed for in her one bed flat, is that the semi-deflated blow-up mattress she claims to be sleeping on in her blog?

    Course not, the claim was an accident and, like the rest of them, she doesn’t know it happened.

    MPs seem so accident prone it’s a wonder they make it across the moat of a morning.

  18. Ella says:

    MPs seem so accident prone it’s a wonder they make it across the moat of a morning.

    Maybe it’s early in the morning but that made me rofl.

  19. DocSavage says:

    ‘..My feeling at the moment is that it looks as if it’s going to be us, those politicians who haven’t taken much of an interest till now, the younger generation, who will have to step up to the mark on this. We need to sort Parliament out.’

    I laughed so hard, my tea came out my nose.
    can I sue?

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