That Biggles/Fox email exchange in full …

Just arrived back from a notorious South Bristol boozer where an exchange of a number of used £20 notes for emails has successfully taken place.

The Bristol Blogger is therefore pleased to present that Ashley Fox/”Biggles” Popham email exchange in full.

This includes IT ‘expert’ Biggles mistakenly accusing some long-suffering council officer of saying he was talking bollocks because, apparently, Biggles hasn’t worked out yet who his emails are coming from.

It also rather looks like he hasn’t worked out there’s a ‘reply’ and a ‘reply all’ function on his email

Dear Councillor Popham

Just to confirm that the remarks made below did not come from me, but were submitted by Cllr Fox.

Richard Jones
Democratic Services
0117 922 2386

>>> Michael Popham 22/04/2009 15:46:20 >>>

I should be grateful if you would withdraw your remark.

In anticipation


Cllr Michael Popham
Liberal Democrat Councillor
Cabinet Member for Efficiency and Value for Money
Bristol City Council
Mobile: 0797 650 4897
Political: 0117 353 3379

>>> Ashley Fox 22/04/2009 15:44 >>>
Dear Mike

Please could you explain what you are trying to say in the second paragraph of your email. I have read it carefully but have no idea what you mean.

I’m afraid you sound as if you’re talking complete bollocks.


>>> Richard Jones 04/22/09 3:12 PM >>>
Dear All

Please note that motion appearing on the Agenda at item 9D, from Cllr Popham has been withdrawn today.

Richard Jones
Democratic Services
Tel: 0117 922 2386
Dear all,

Just to say that my Motion entitled Social Entrepreneurship has today been withdrawn.

Discussions with officers has resulted in our intention to proceed sub-council with a “Transforming Democracy” agenda augmenting Social Entrepreneurship through the Customer Excellence Programme.

Currently, Kate Hartas is drafting a press release for circulation to Steve Hilton (eDemocracy), Stuart Long (ICT), Philip Higgins (Corporate Consultation), and Rachel Boast (Democratic Services) for a meeting in 2 weeks’ time and then the Group for wider consultation before release, if/as approved by the Leader.

Janice, grateful if you would coordinate a date for Kate Hartas, Steve Hilton Stuart Long, Philip Higgins, Rachel Boast and I to meet on this within about 2 weeks, ideally if possible a Wed afternoon.

A draft Social Entrepreneurship/Transforming Democracy press release will be available shortly for wider consideration.

With best regards

Cllr Mike Popham

Cllr Michael Popham
Liberal Democrat Councillor
Cabinet Member for Efficiency and Value for Money
Bristol City Council
Mobile: 0797 650 4897
Political: 0117 353 3379

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4 Responses to That Biggles/Fox email exchange in full …

  1. Martyn Whitelock says:

    Presumably all this exchange of futile communication is on council tax payer time and money!

  2. Paul Smith says:

    is this the same Mike Popham who is the lib dem parliamentary candidate for Bristol East?

  3. chris hutt says:

    Paul, Mark Thomas is now saying vote Green. He thinks a lot of disenchanted Labour voters will be heading that way. There’s still time…

  4. thebristolblogger says:

    Yes Paul. It’s the same Mike Popham.

    Handled correctly, I’d have thought he’s bonkers enough to destroy the whole Lib Dem general election challenge in Bristol.

    Wouldn’t you?

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