Spot the difference

I see Bristol City Council’s middle management union, UNISON is on strike for the next two days.

If anyone notices any change whatsoever because this little lot aren’t at work do let me know …

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8 Responses to Spot the difference

  1. bristolgraffiti says:

    Parking’s free in Trenchard Street car park apparently…

  2. Gary Player says:

    A number of golf clubs across the city are reporting massive losses as many of their members have deserted the links today to join picket lines …

  3. Dave says:

    Picket *lines*?

    Try 3 or 4 people outside the council house. I expect they left by 11am once the pubs opened.

  4. lucifer sam says:

    most of us on strike are not managers but struggling workers on below average pay.thanks for vyour support!

  5. thebristolblogger says:

    Indeed. It’s just unfortunate that workers that would garner a lot of sympathy and support like home care workers, learning support assistants, library staff, various ancillary staff etc. choose to organise alongside council managers and bureaucrats who are universally loathed and who are, frankly, massively overpaid.

    In terms of public support I think you would do a lot better if the low paid organised seperately and for themselves.

    You only need to look at the public’s attitude to this current dispute to see that. Sod these super unions, it’s time to get back to some basics …

  6. Gary Hopkins says:

    Very well made point. Low paid workers ,public or private sector are being slaughtered by huge real inflation rates on basic goods and services but their real plight is being lost because private sector workers see public sector insulated from their problems. Lecturing from on high only adds to the insult and feeling of injustice .

  7. fraser lapthorn says:

    if it’s them bin-people on strike at least the streets will be free of the rubbish they drop whilst ironically taking away our rubbish…

  8. lee loosetongue says:

    Usual story, talking about what needs to be done because the self-serving 1/3wits are toooo busy at power meetings argueing whether they should protect the public purse by offering piss-poor wage increases to bottom scale workers because the sloths further up the pecking order would demand EQUALITY. Lets confuse them and start making sensible solutions to small problems thus freeing up their extended lunchbreaks to back slap each other. one for the mix would be to offer say ,4% to base workers and find out what this represents in real terms ( on £20k- this would be £800 a year) and apply it across the board. The savings higher up the scale would be not only massive but very justifiable and you never know, WASTE COLLECTION OPERATIVES may start emptying bins with a purpose and being more proud of their efforts (possibly improving performance and reducing complaints). Being a bin-man is a dirty job but there is more filth in westminster and most councils with dis-proportional pay scales between them.

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