They shoot horses don't they?

More bad news for Mark Bradshaw and Bristol’s beleaguered Labour Party administration as another one of their councillors publicly speaks out against the BRT scheme.

This time it’s St George East councillor Fabian Breckels who’s not only spoken out against the scheme:

None of my constituents want the bus route on the cycle path, I don’t think it’s the best place for the BRT so I’m coming out AGAINST putting buses on the cycle path.

But he’s also joined the Campaign to Save the Railway Path!

Joining Breckels is Labour’s Easton councillor Faruk Choudhury. He’s finally off the fence and shouting about his oppostion too.

To soften the blow Choudhury has tried to blame the fiasco on the consultants: “It’s only a consultant’s report prepared for the West of England Partnership which has suggested the cycle path as THEIR preferred route.”

As if these consultants aren’t under any kind of political control? And as if they don’t work to a brief that should be dictated by politicians …

Bradshaw, however, still seems determined to press on with the scheme. He told a meeting of the Physical Environment Scrutiny Commission on Thursday that a consultation would take place involving the scheme for the Railway Path and two other schemes his consultants are hurriedly drawing up.

This is ridiculous. A BRT scheme on the Railway Path is dead in the water. A consultation on it is a waste of public money. The consultants working on it – who failed to do basic research – are a waste of public money. The senior transport officers at the city council – who don’t seem to have any local knowledge – are a waste of public money. And politicians like Bradshaw who sit cluelessly on top of this whole useless edifice are wasting public money.

Stop wasting our time and our money and dump the scheme now!!!

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2 Responses to They shoot horses don't they?

  1. redzone says:

    it’s just another one jumping on the bandwagon.
    if these councillors did their jobs properly they would have shelved this ridiculous idea from the outset.
    the public reaction is condemning & the party line is split, so its now safe to jump onboard.
    more decisive political point scoring from members of our useless council.

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