The new flame …

As Helen Holland motors down to the Council House this fine morning – no doubt with the strains of New labour-style socialist Mick Hucknall’s ‘New Flame’ blaring at full volume – to meet her new Chief Exec Jan Ormondroyd, apparently an alchemist with the ability to turn base metal into gold for £180k a year, perhaps now is the time to look at Jan’s idea of loyalty.

Take a look at this. It’s Jan introducing a conference on staff retention at Suffolk Coastal District Council when she was very briefly Chief Exec there:



Theme of meeting:

Addressing staffing shortages in key areas such as Planning, Environmental Health, Social Work, etc.


9.45 Welcome and Introduction Jan Ormondroyd, Chief Executive, Suffolk Coastal District Council


10.0 Getting off the poaching merry-go-round

Lucy Ashwell, Regional Advisor, EERA will talk about a collaborative approach to tackling staffing shortages.

Within months of explaining the need to “get off the poaching merry-go-round” – no doubt with her hand placed firmly on her heart – Jan was off to a new post as Deputy Chief Exec at Hull after staying at Suffolk for all of nine months!

And two years later, what d’ya know? Jan’s been poached by top-of-the range recruitment consultants Rockpool to come to Bristol for £180k a year.

In the last ten years loyal Jan has also managed a stint working at Prescott’s Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and she was head of policy at Bradford for a while. That’s just the five jobs in under ten years then

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  1. Gill says:

    Do you think £180K a year is good value for money? W-T-F is she doing for that money?

    That is a hefty pay packet even in private sector circles!

    Not sure that it was a bright idea employing her from that rotten borough in Hull, although thats probably the reason why she was chosen by the Bristol maffia.

    LapDog me thinks……

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