Hateworld's party gossip holiday special


Our man with the fridge-full of canapes and thumping hangover from the free cheap white wine writes …

The Bristol Blogger got several mentions in speeches at Chief Exec Pigfucker Gurney’s leaving party, we learn, and there was even some typically paranoid speculation from various bigwigs that we may have been there!

Aside from His Grand Crossdressness, Royston Griffey no Labour councillors bothered to show up although Tory leader, Bunter Eddy – never one to knowingly miss a free lunch – and L’il Stevie Comer from the Lib Dems both put in a brief appearance.

Unfortunately the small room was half empty throughout the dour do and then everyone left after an hour anyway leaving loads of food and drink behind, which was very much appreciated by your correspondent …

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