Democracy Bristol-style

Those of you think Bristol is run by an unholy alliance of quangocrats, big business interests and well-remunerated out-of-town consultants with no regard for democracy are certainly getting your worst fears confirmed by the Railway Path fiasco.

Yet another email flutters into the in-tray. This time from three Labour Councillors representing South Gloucestershire’s Woodstock Ward, which the Railway Path runs through.

So what do these three councillors with a direct interest in the proposed BRT route have to say? Er, not that much really because nobody’s bothered to tell them anything:

We hope that you will understand that it is very difficult to respond to a “proposal” when we have not seen any details of it except in the media. Nor, given that it is a project that covers both South Gloucestershire Council and Bristol City Council areas are we at all clear how a decision would be made and what the involvement of individual councillors in any decision would be.

Brilliant. Nothing like consulting with elected representatives prior to taking transparent and open decisions is there?

And needless to say – along with every other Labour politician who’s expressed a view – the trio then go on to overwhelmingly reject the scheme:

However, we are firm supporters and users of the cyclepath/walkway and it would be safe to say that we would take a lot of convincing to support the introduction of buses on to any part of the route.

For how much longer is Bradshaw going to continue this charade over a dead-in-the-water scheme, which no one – not even in his own party – is supporting?

Dump it now! Let’s move on …

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  1. Archie says:

    if true quite funny

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