Brass necks of the week

PrizeFollowing Saturday’s Guardian magazine ‘Big journeys around a small island’ feature, which listed the current incarnation of the Bristol and Bath Railway Path as one of the UK’s great journeys, comes a story in today’s Evening Cancer announcing that the Sustainability South West charity has given the path an award for being one of the “South West’s top 10 urban green spaces”

The Blogger however would like to give out this week’s “You couldn’t make it up if you tried award” to the the path’s wreckers Bristol City Council who, we learn, “were invited to the presentation” and “were presented with a commissioned piece of artwork, made from Cornish pewter and Forest of Avon oak, at a Sustainability South West forum.”

Did they take their sketches of their new proposals for the path along to show everyone then?

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2 Responses to Brass necks of the week

  1. Chris Hutt says:

    Shameless hypocrisy seems to be the order of the day at Bristol City Council.

    Even as we groan at this latest example, Council minions in the guise of “cycling officers” are urging naive cyclists to support the Council’s “Cycle City” bid by talking up the Council’s past record of providing for cyclists and thus unwittingly providing succour for the Council’s plans for a BRT route along the Railway Path.

    To persuade the public that taking the Railway Path for a BRT route is “fair dos” the Council desperately needs to show that, in general, they’re being jolly decent to these cyclists.

    So, taking everything into consideration, the loss of the Railway Path can be balanced against all the good things they do for cyclists, as evidenced by all these lovely letters of support from cyclists themselves!

    What a happy coincidence it is for the Council that their “cycling officers” have prepared the Cycle City bid just in time to save their BRT bacon on the Railway Path.

  2. redzone says:

    yet the council members are oblivious to their hypocrisy.
    i don’t think bcc could get any worse & with the current crop, not better either.
    alas,there isn’t much hope for the future either, the same incompetent quangos pulling the strings, just different puppets!!!

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