Railway path: sits vac!

It’s time for people to stop talking and start working if they want to save the railway path.

The campaign is currently looking for someone to design a logo and produce other graphics for their website. If you’ve got the skills and can spare a few hours, now’s the time to step forward. Remember if you don’t do it, who the hell will?

They’re also looking for people with some knowledge of press and PR. Again, if you can spare a few hours to help them maintain their news-setting agenda and get loads more coverage, then come forward and do your bit.

If you’re interested in either of these tasks then contact the Bristol Blogger at bristol_citizens@yahoo.co.uk and we’ll forward your emails on to the campaign.

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2 Responses to Railway path: sits vac!

  1. CP says:

    Sorry to go on about this but …..the EP poll results refer to those who took part (495) NOT the total readership (which may be more – or fewer – than that.

  2. dave angel says:

    CP – This may be something to do with how hidden away it was on the famously clunky Evening Post website.

    So you are measuring the number of people who REALLY don’t want it to happen versus the number of people who REALLY want to make it happen.

    What you seem to miss is that this is the one issue in at least ten years that has galvanised public opinion online and offline.

    We will let the powers that be in Bristol fuck up a supertram proposal, cancel an arena and run the most expensive and inefficient public transport network in Europe ….but to let them try and take away one of the true (and remaining few) gems of living in Bristol will always come up against resistance.

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