Fancy that!

Bristol City Council has admitted misleading parents over the catchment area for its flagship secondary school at Redland Green. Scores of children living within the “area of first priority” did not get in to the comprehensive last September because of the demand for places. The same situation is likely this year … Last year, places were filled with pupils who live up to 1km (0.6 miles) from the £33 million school in Redland Court Road, leaving about 90 children who had expected to get in to Redland Green having to take up places elsewhere.
Bristol Evening Post, 31 January 2008

It has become abundantly clear that there is a significant discrepancy between the number of pupils within the proposed catchment area and the size of the proposed school.

This was accepted by Mrs Boulter [former Assistant Director of Education] but no ideas were forthcoming about what would happen to all those who erroneously believed that because they were in the catchment area they would obtain a place.

The reality is that if all those who are closest to the site at Redland applied for a place, it would be full from within a half-mile radius.
PACE (Parents Action for Secondary Education), March 2004

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2 Responses to Fancy that!


    But of course the council mislead parents,
    They mislead everone dont they?
    or am I just out of touch here after nearly 40 years of labour leadership with officers that lead the leaders its about time the constitution was addressed isnt it?
    As I see it it mattes not which party is in control once they have control by vertue of the constitution they have to bow to that which the officers put forwards for the good of the city. its no wonder things go from terrible to totaliterialism

  2. Al Shaw says:

    This is a very live issue for families living in Westbury and neighboring areas.
    Word is, however, that Portway School is about to undergo a transformation.
    I’ll be keeping my eyes on that story.

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