Cui bono?

O and M Sheds

Cordwell Property Group has been appointed by Bristol City Council as preferred developer to create a – yawn – mixed-use business and leisure scheme on the site of the ‘O’ and ‘M’ Sheds on Welsh Back.

Tom Wilcox, development director of Cordwell, assures us: “The emphasis in our scheme is on developing high-quality restaurants which will provide top class dining facilities that will be of great benefit to Bristol.”

Yeah. More overpriced restaurants, that’ll be really beneficial. Thanks Tom.

The Blogger’s away for a few days so posting will be light.

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2 Responses to Cui bono?

  1. Not only not beneficial, but bloody awful to look at too!

  2. Woodsy says:

    Agreed sociologist! Any council worth its salt would be listing the remaining reminders from the days when the city docks were a working port instead of giving permission for such reminders to be knocked down and replaced with yet more bland developments featuring yet more empty office space.

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