Housing: Crisis? What Crisis?

Compare and contrast:

Bristol Evening Cancer Friday 5 October 2007

“I’ve got a friend who has three children living in a one-bedroom council flat. She’s been waiting for a new property for months but can only watch as more Somali’s move in around her. How is that right?

“I’ve been waiting for the council to put a shower in my house for years. I’m still waiting and will do for as long as they concentrate on housing Somalis and not looking after everyone who lives here.”

Alan Jones, of the Hillfields Area Housing Committee, said: “The parents are saying ‘oh look, they are getting all the houses’, and children are hearing this and they are reacting on what their parents are saying within the home.

“So if we get rid of these problems, and I know it’s a terrific problem – you can’t just appear with houses. But if we got rid of the housing problem that would go a long way.”

Bristol Evening Cancer Monday 8 October 2007

“We like the whole Urban Splash project so much we are even thinking of rejoining the queue for another apartment. It’s so young, vibrant and exciting. The cheaper ones are gone now, but we’d quite like to get one of the £155,000 one-bed flats as an investment.”

“Urban Splash are great. We’ve already got two of their apartments down in Plymouth. The design and architecture are second to none.”

“When the new South Bristol Hospital is built at Hengrove, there will be nurses looking for somewhere to rent. So we would let. But to be quite honest, the flats are so nice I’d be happy to live there myself.”

Are these things by any chance related?

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  1. Timo says:

    Hi Blogger.
    Nearly two months on now are you able to shed any further light on the possibility that these two stories are related?
    Word on the street is that B.C.C. is lowering the funding it puts into the north of the city in future can you shine any light on this reasoning .Please

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