Fire service: chaotic mess latest

Further EXCLUSIVE news reaches The Blogger that the Kevin Pearson and his fire service may have been economical with the actualité in regards to what they’ve been telling the press, public and now local councillors.

All month Pearson has insisted that a complaint was originally made to the Terrence Higgins Trust by an unknown member of the public who happened to be on the Downs not having any sex with any other men at all – oh no – and then the complaint was “passed on” to the Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

This is possibly not so. Allegations are now surfacing that no member of the public was ever involved and that the original complainant was a member of staff from the Terrence Higgins Trust out working on The Downs distributing free condoms, presumably for reasons entirely unrelated to consenting adult males having sex with each other.

But remember. Pearson’s disciplinary process had nothing to do with men having sex on the Downs and if you say different you are obviously HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!

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  2. Woodsy says:

    What’s the betting the above revelations appear (unattributed) in the local Northcliffe press under an EXCLUSIVE banner in the not too distant future?

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