Competition time!

Big prizes to be won:

This is a small section of the council’s recent press release about the recommendations of the recent citizen’s jury on recycling. All you have to do is tell us what you think it it means. . .

Charging – to keep fortnightly collections; make additional waste chargeable sacks available through supermarkets and work on increasing the support for reusing materials.

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7 Responses to Competition time!

  1. BristleKRS says:

    I’m surprised you resisted mentioning the bit about…

    more use of waste doctors


    Oh, and this reminds me – yesterday here in sunny St. Paul’s we had a flyer delivered, along with some sort of bag (sorry, a “Recycling Green Bag”) to put our recyclables in when we take them down to the On Site Recycling Centre (mmmm capitals!) in our estate’s car park. Quite what the point of this extra bag is I’m a little hazy on, considering we already have the black box, the kitchen caddy and the large kitchen waste bin… Not quite in keeping with the ‘reduce’ bit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, is it?

    Anyway, I was rather concerned to learn, on reading the leaflet, that “there are no facilities for recycling plastic bottles on site”, and furthermore that cardboard has to be “taken to the main recycling centre at Day’s Road, St. Philip’s.” Concerned mainly because before yesterday, when the leaflet and RGB arrived, we had plastic bottle and cardboard recycling bins on my estate.

    So I rang up Resource Futures, who according to the leaflet are in charge of all this to ask why our service was being cut.

    Except the service isn’t being cut – it’s just that Resource Futures, despite being in charge of our recycling service, didn’t know exactly what services we had here, and printed the wrong details.

    So to remedy the situation, I was assured, they will be… Wait for it… Printing a new leaflet with the correct details on! Mmmm, dead trees ahoy!

    You couldn’t make it up, etc 😀

  2. Tim Beadle says:

    Every time I hear about the woes of other councils’ recycling services, I’m thankful I live in B&NES 😉

  3. Stella, campaigner for open local government says:

    They were not allowed to debate anything the officers didn’t approve of (such as scrapping the unhygenic fortnightly collection, which the WHO has said is not sufficient in temperate countries, or thinking of a more civilised alternative to the disgusting kitchen waste collection) so all they have done is rubber-stamp what the council are already doing/planning. What a waste of time and our money.

  4. BristleKRS says:

    A little update: Today – one day shy of a full month since the first, wrong leaflet was left – the new, improved recycling information sheet was delivered!

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