"A window into the soul of policing": Bristol's plod blog joy

Andy Bennett's Blog

It was only a matter of time… The latest addition to the Bristol blogosphere is ‘Police Blog’ by South Bristol’s very own Chief Inspector Andy Bennett.

And it looks like the boy might have a gift for poetry (and no doubt fiction too) – ” I will be honest, transparent and hopefully create a window into the soul of policing and this police officer, ” he says on this new plod blog.

Blimey. A window into the soul of a copper. What a treat. Anyway The Blogger’s set the ball rolling by asking him for a comment on Avon & Somerset’s undemocratic imposition of this Dispersal Area on College Green.

I also see that Bennett was originally with the Met. Doesn’t bode well… Here’s what you get if you do a search for “intelligence” on the ‘Ask the Met’ section of their web site:

Ask the Met

Ho, ho, ho…

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3 Responses to "A window into the soul of policing": Bristol's plod blog joy

  1. Woodsy says:

    This may all be very well as a PR exercise, but if you turn to the news section of plod’s site, you’ll find they’ve only just got round to starting to look for someone who failed to answer bail nearly 3 months ago (story here – something which gives a great insight into the soul of the ineffective body that is Avon & Somerset Constabulary.

  2. Banksy says:

    looks like they’ve answered your comment!!

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