Let's vomit over…

Final proof – as if it was needed – that Southville has now been entirely overrun by the worst kind of Guardian reading nanny state liberal arrives on The Blogger’s desk.

The place where these kind of smug, self-interested, publicly funded diversity fanatics tend to congregate is around The Guardian Weekend supplement’s ‘Let’s Move To…’ column.

The self-interested, super-annuated liberal classes turn here to feel good about the latest increase in the value of their houses in their trendy and strangely undiverse neighbourhoods, quietly ignoring the housing crisis gripping the country these price rises engender.

And where is The Guardian planning to do a ‘Let’s Move To…’ feature in the near future? Er… Southville!

The Blogger will be informing them that ‘Southville Liberal’ is one of the worst insults known in the city.

You can contact ‘ let’s Move To…’ at: lets.move@guardian.co.uk

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  1. Mapreader says:

    Labelling people by where they live is depressingly stupid:

    Clifton- Tory scum
    Knowle West- crackheads
    Redland- student scum
    St Pauls- crackhead student scum
    Easton- social workers
    Totterdown- jugglers
    Horfield- dull

    God it’s easy.

    If you made race or nationality the point of your scattergun rant rather than geography, your credentials would be torn to shreds. Maybe you could start talking about the Paddies and the Jocks too. They all live in the same place you know? Some of them are middle-class too, like some people in Southville.

    Perhaps you were one of the people who stuck ‘kill the yuppies in a suit’ stickers all over Old Gaol Ferry Bridge in the late-eighties? That gave me a laugh as I walked over it to my crap job wearing my Oxfam suit. Ho ho.

    My Southville street’s been overtaken by the buy-to-let brigade, not the” self-interested, superannuated liberal classes”. The new owners are South Bristol plumbers, builders, electricians, etc., good old Bristolian working-class you keep banging-on about, renting out rooms to 18-25 year olds. They don’t care about schools and services in this part of South Bristol and neither do the tenants – they’re here for 3-5 years max. We could do with some people moving in who actually wanted to live in, and cared about, an area. Applaud the Guardian. We don’t want simply those who’ve worked out how to play real life Monopoly (there’s a game for the pub- fill in the correct areas of Bristol- assume you see Southville as The Angel… ).

    Of course maybe I’m just the “worse kind of Guardian reading nanny state liberal”.

    “Guardian reading”. Wahaayyy. Maybe we should read the Daily Mail (it reaches similar nonsensical hate levels)? What WOULD you prefer?
    “Nanny State”. What the fuck does that mean? Right-wing bullshit.
    “Liberal”. Right-wing again, this time Yank-derived.

    Listen to yourself.

    But instead you’ll just convince yourself I’m whatever political enemy you see fit, then ignore this. Or more probably, use the term again and again as “it’s got a reaction”, like the vindication of some artists, or toddlers.

    Hey ho. Another lunch-hour over.

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