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The world’s most pointless soldier, Harry Saxe-Coburg-Gotha has been spotted in a Bristol nitespot this week. Openly defying his tabloid newspaper imposed night club ban, the hapless soldier – who’s not allowed to go and fight any wars because the army Chief-of-Staff has recently discovered they’re dangerous – was spotted at ‘The Syndicate’ in Nelson Street.

The Blogger’s man out on the town says: “”He didn’t leave until 3 a.m. He was all alone from what I could see apart from his three bodyguards. He was very well behaved.”

Poor sod. A night out at ‘The Syndicate’ with three coppers makes a tour of Iraq sound like a breeze.


Bristol’s first-ever big Brother contestant is now live on air! Emily Parr, who along with her twin sisters is known as ‘the Hilton sisters of Bristol’ (that’s what it says here anyway) has got off to a roaring start on the show.

With her diploma in drama from Filton College and her collection of mini-dresses, Emily has already awarded herself 10/10 for intelligence. And The Blogger’s man watching the telly says the 19 year old wannabe has also explained to her new friends: “”Qualifications don’t mean anything in acting. It’s about the talent”.

Which kinda makes you wonder what she’s doing on a reality TV show that involves no talent whatsoever. Don’t worry, she doesn’t know either: “”I didn’t plan to go on Big Brother… I don’t know how I got here,” she says.

Um… I think you’ll find you attended about three auditions and filled in a copious application forms love. A mistake anyone could make really.

This girl is TV gold I tell yer. She’ll go far.

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2 Responses to Hateworld's Slebwatch

  1. paul nash says:

    so fucking what !

  2. Matt Deakin says:

    Sure she did go far, out in the first week! What a twat she is too!

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