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Hold the front page. The Bristol Labour Party has entered the blogosphere. The Blogger has discovered that Avonmouth councillor Terry Cook has got himself a blog. Here’s what he says:

“This is my blog about me and my experiences – hopefully not just another advert page for some tired (in my case Labour) politician trying to be trendy. I hope you are enlightened, entertained and maybe even provoked.”

Wow. Sounds like he’s gonna be off-message and everything. Um… Err… Not quite. More like no-message. Despite setting the thing up in March, so far Terry has failed to make a single posting or say anything at all – enlightening, entertaining, provoking or otherwise.

Has Terry been getting his advice on blogging from expert Melissa at Demos? Or is it that the paranoid rump of nutters and control freaks that remain in the Bristol Labour Party have stopped him from publishing anything?

Whatever. It’s pretty par for the course where Cook’s concerned. One of his Avonmouth constituents told The Blogger recently: “That lazy Labour cunt does fuck all around here.”

Hardly a surprise as Cook only has his seat due to a priceless example of Bristol Labour Party nepotism. He’s the brother-in-law of John Bees, Labour’s financial disaster king, and his wife is Claire Cook who was Labour’s Education Executive for a while but lost her seat in the fallout two years ago from her brother Bees’s social services finance fiasco.

The Bristol Labour hierarchy handed Cook the seat on a plate a couple of years back after deselecting their sitting councillor, the very popular Pat Roberts. Pat’s crime was to be a white, working class Labour member who spoke out volubly against the Iraq war.

Obviously a stupid error. Thanks to the Through-the-Looking-Glass world of local Labour diversity practice devised by their equalities anorak Peter Hammond, did Pat not realise only Muslim and black members of the local Labour Party are allowed to speak out against the war?

Cook’s non-blog is listed on the blogroll as ‘The Bellhouser’. You can at least click on it every now and then and marvel at the vacuity of the cretins running our city.

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2 Responses to Blogasmic Bristol Labour

  1. S F says:

    For “Pat Cook” you mean Pat Roberts?

  2. thebristolblogger says:

    Er yep.
    The proofreader’s been shot.

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