A BBC Points West guide to art

The great works reworked and explained for the West’s audience

Guernica (Final Cut)
Picasso’s Guernica (Final Cut): that epic comedy masterpiece with just a bit chopped off!

Van Gogh's Chair Legs
Van Gogh’s Chair Legs: the old master’s simple but hilarious chair legs

Matisse's Reclining nude with no rude bits
Matisse’s Reclining nude without naughty bits: still an absolute side splitter

The Mona Lisa
Da Vinci’s Mona Li: you can still see this girl liked a laugh

Bacon's Nude with no mirror
Francis Bacon’s Nude with No Mirror: new and improved, will have you rolling in the aisles

Cezanne's No Bathers
Cezanne’s No Bathers: no rude nudes here to spoil the fun

see Banksy Balls’ Spot the Difference

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