Bristol Labour: A lesson in hypocrisy


As Bristol’s education system staggers from one crisis to the next, it’s nice to know that the council’s education department are making an effort. Would you believe they’ve even employed for us – at a salary not unadjacent to £40k a year – a Southville nanny-state liberal as an ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’?

How kind of them. The logic here is faultless because the hopeless state of education in the city is obviously not down to an entire lack of any strategic direction for years on end, an incompetent local education authority, poor financial management, hopeless political leadership, promotion of fashionable liberal views over sound policy and endless short term political decision making. Oh no. The problem is down to our kids and their attendance and behaviour. So it’s lucky we’ve got a super-qualified liberal to sort it all out for us isn’t it?

And since this ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’ came into post, Bristol schools have been inundated with workshops to tackle homophobia, policies to promote diversity and plenty of guidance on anti-racism as it’s plainly obvious that your average Bristol kid is a psychotic, racist, homophobic potential wife batterer in urgent need of saving from themselves by half-witted elitist do-gooders from Southville with a politically correct agenda straight out of Viz’s ‘The Modern Parents’.

However, on the subject of some of the more traditional aspects of behaviour – things like say truth, honesty, integrity, respect for people – this ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’ is slightly less forthcoming. No policies, no papers, no workshops, no lectures on any of these.

I wonder… Could this have anything to do with the fact that, despite all that hectoring, holier-than-thou piss they spew out to the city’s teachers and our kids, the city’s ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’ is in fact a dishonest, disreputable little shit whose personal standards of behaviour are an utter disgrace and an embarrassment to the city?

Could be. Because our schools’ ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’ is none other than former RE teacher, Esther Pickup-Keller. Esther, it seems – when not promoting her politically correct codswallop to our children – is a member of the Labour Party. Not just any old member either. She’s an election agent for them.

In fact, at the last local elections she was an election agent for The Blogger’s old friend Bush Rat Ali, the Photoshop Faker! Yes him. The Lawrence Hill Labour Candidate caught bang to rights faking a photograph on his election leaflet “proving” he attended an anti-war rally.

And who was it that actually published, promoted and took legal repsonsibility for this leaflet aimed at misleading the public and affecting the course of an election? None other than Esther, the city’s ‘Behaviour and Attendance Consultant’ of course.

Yep. You got it. The person paid by Bristol City Council to improve our children’s attendance and behaviour at schools spends her spare time creating and promoting fakes, forgeries and set-ups with the deliberate intention of misleading the public on behalf of congenital idiots who fancy a political career!

You really couldn’t make it up could you? The response of the city’s ‘Attendance and Behaviour Consultant’ to her own colleague’s non-attendance at a stop the war protest is to lie about it. What a fantastic message for the children of our city. Thank god we’ve got her on board.

Oh, and if you think the Education Department might do something about this dodgy, dishonest undesirable charged with improving the behaviour of our kids – think again. She also happens to be the wife of the city’s new education boss, the less than entirely credible, Derek Pickup.

What hope do Bristol’s kids really have?

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  3. Rev Dereck Pickup says:

    Why is it that Derek dresses like a priest in the evening post photo’s. Is this symbolic of his nanny state paternalism that he has to dress up like a priest. Makes him look like a right tosser.

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