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Result: AshleyLib Dem Hold 12.10pm

Greens come second with 34%, that’s 1127 votes. But Lib Dem Shirley holds on with 1237 votes. Very, very close. It’s Southville or nothing for the Greens then.

RESULT: Bedminster Lab Hold

No surprises here either…

RESULT: Bishopworth – Tory Hold 12.08pm

Tory leader Richard Eddy and his golly are back with ease.

RESULT: Brislington East – One to watch! Lab ward. Tory challenge 11.45pm

Labour hold on by 85 votes from the Tories. Seems to be a drop in support for the Tories here.

RESULT: Brislington West – Lib Dem Hold or a big Tory night!

It’s not a big night for the Tories I’m afraid.

RESULT: Cabot – Lib Dem Hold

Completely as expected. Expect planning permission to build on Castle park in the autumn.

RESULT: Clifton – Lib Dem Hold

Lib Dem leader Janke’s back with 50% of the vote. No surprise.

RESULT: Clifton East – Lib Dem Hold 12.14pm

Former Lib Dem now Tory Roy Tallis fails to pull off a shocker by just 41 votes. Phew that was nearly exciting.

RESULT Cotham – Lib Dem Hold

Lib Dems hold both seats

RESULT: EastonLab Gain 12.16am

Yeeeessssssss. Vile dribbling Kiely is gone!!! Social services strikes again!!! Labour win by 80 votes. Respect poll a, er, respectable 621 votes

RESULT: Eastville – Lib Dem Hold 11.58pm

Easy Lib Dem hold with increased vote on last election.

RESULT: Filwood – Lab Gain (from Lib Dems) 11.35pm

As predicted Labour landslide with 67% of the vote!!! Tories beat Lib Dems into 3rd place. It’s a total Lib Dem disaster.

RESULT: Frome Vale – Tory Hold 11.46pm

Tories take it with 46% of the vote. Labour get 30%. BNP get 399 votes (12%) mainly from Labour supporters. They’ll be pleased.

RESULT: HartcliffeLabour Hold 11.55pm

No Labour meltdown in Bristol I’m afraid. They’ve increased their share of the vote from last year from 44% – 50%.

RESULT: HengroveLib Dem Hold

Jos Clark averts disaster for the Lib Dems by just 30 votes

RESULT: Hillfields – Lab Hold

Easy Lab hold

RESULT: Knowle – Lib Dem Hold 11.40pm

Pretty much the same result as last year. Nothing to see here.

Lawrence HillLib Dem Hold

Sue O’Donnell by 81 votes. Hopefully the Labour Party will now give the Bush Rat the boot.

RESULT: St George East Labour Hold


Labour Hold but with a reduced majority. BNP take 20% of the vote…

RESULT: St George West – Lab Hold

Labour only just hold off the Tories by 41 votes.

SouthvilleLab Hold 12.45pm

“Daddy’s Boy” Beynon holds the seat for Labour by 6 votes. Bastard.

RESULT: Stockwood – Tory hold 11.30pm

No real surprises. Jay Jethwa takes 50% of the vote with 1476 votes. Greens come second with 599 votes ahead of Labour 0n 568 votes. Could be story of the night – Tories and Greens.

RESULT: Whitchurch ParkLabour Hold 11.52pm

Labour leader hangs on with ease (44%) against Lib Dem (28%). BNP take 13% of the vote (427 votes) mainly from Lib Dems! Shaping up to be a bad night for the Lib Dems.

RESULT: Windmill Hill – Lib Dem Hold

Easy hold for Lib Dems

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8 Responses to Bristol Election 2007 with The Bristol Blogger

  1. Anonymous says:

    Labour gain Filwood
    1-0 to the BB!

  2. Robin says:

    Umm…. Frome Vale is Tory hold, not Labour loss…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    has Southville gone to a recount again?

  4. Mike says:

    I think the BNP done very well considering all the bad press UAF/ Searchlies sorry Searchlight/ BUP, and others were giving them ……always remember…any advertising is better than no advertising…you all done very well in advertising the BNP…for which we thank you

  5. Death to Mike says:

    why don’t you fuck off you nazi scumbag

  6. Mike says:

    Hi SHRUG…you the asshole that runs this look like a bit of a fat bastard..nice to know what you look like

  7. Matt Carter says:

    I wonder how much the facists enjoyed waiting at their count in Wandsyke primary – in front of a nice banner on the hall wall with a picture of a white kid and a black kid, and the slogan “Accept others”…

  8. Mike says:

    As a person, I have no objection to any particular race or person, but I do object to the Green Belt, the Fields, the Country side I hold so dear being built on, to the detriment of our birds and wildlife, to build houses for foreign national,s..if you wake up and look around, you will see that we cannot accept anymore immigration into this country ..we are an island and size for size we are one of the most populated countrys in the world

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