Bristol Election 2007 at a glance

Lib Dems – 31 (-2)

Labour – 25 (+2)

Conservative – 13

Green – 1

Labour are winners on the night with 29% of the vote and 2 gains. Lib Dems get 27% of vote and lose 2 seats. Tories go backwards getting only 25% of the vote down from 30% last year and gain no seats. Greens get 14% of vote up from 13% last year, no seats and have stood still. BNP did shockingly well.

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2 Responses to Bristol Election 2007 at a glance

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  2. S F says:

    BNP profited from the “Dont vote Lib Dem” posters that went up all over the place, just so that Labour could have more stuff delivered by the unions without it appearing on their own election expenses. Whitchurch Park saw a switch of 450 votes from Lib Dem to BNP because of that. Victory at any cost?

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