The strange death of anarchist England


Earlier today a reader attempted to post The Blogger’s story about the BNP’s Nominating Officer on UK Indymedia’s independent news site “offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.”

Seems reasonable to me. The rise of the BNP is an important social and political issue and details of a senior BNP official may be of interest to their readership many of whom would consider themselves to be anti-fascists.

Not to be I’m afraid. The story never got on to their newswire. It was hidden by one of their workers because the story contained “discriminatory phrases”. Yes. That’s right. UK Indymedia does not allow discrimination against the BNP!

What the fuck is going on up there in London? This isn’t politics at all. It’s liberal relativism of the weakest and soppiest kind gone completely bonkers. Best not judge anyone or anything then as it might be discriminatory.

What next? No discrimination against the Janjaweed, Robert Mugabe, the Burmese government and Chinese regime? Why not revise our views on Hitler and Stalin and watch what we say about Pol Pot whilst we’re at it? Don’t want to discriminate now do we?

Who’s running UK Indymedia these days? Tarquin and Sebastian on a year out after their cultural studies degrees and before daddy funds their MA in Activism and Social Change at Leeds University?

There’s one final little touch to this that I really like. The person who took the story off their newswire signed themselves ‘IMCista’. Note the use of South American guerilla chic stylings here to build that essential and edgy urban rebel image.

But what possible use would that lot be in South America?

“I say Tarquin my bro’. Could we lose the ‘DEATH TO THE CONTRAS’ graffiti from the wall? Don’t want to discriminate do we man? Then we need to hand in the weapons and implement the findings of our diversity impact assessment through a series of non-violent mediation workshops.”

Wankers the lot of ’em. Come back Darren Ryan. All is forgiven.

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